Menu Specifics

massaman curry

Massaman Curry

Chicken, potatoes, onion, coconut milk, and more.

chicken satay ingredients

Chicken Satay

Grilled chicken, peanut sauce, coconut milk, cucumber, shallot and coriander.

pad thai-pocket

Pad Thai

Rice noodle, tofu, bean sprout, eggs, peanuts and more.

steamed lemon fish ingredients

Pla Nueng Ma (steamed lemon fish)

Fish in a garlic lemon sauce and coriander.

Tod Man Pla (fish cakes)

Fish, curry paste, egg, long green bean, kaffin lime leaf.

glass noodle salad

Yum Won Sen (glass noodle salad)

Chicken, glass noodles, shallot, coriander, spring onion and cashews.

larb gai

Larb Gai (minced chicken salad)

Chicken, roasted rice, spring onion, mint, chilly, lime, and more.

red curry duck

Red Curry with Duck

Duck breast, coconut milk, curry paste, sweet basil, red chili.

Fresh Spring Rolls

Rice paper wrap, lettuce, cucumber, carrot, mint, sweet basil and more.

som tom

Som Tom (spicy papaya salad)

Green papaya,chili, carrot, long green bean, lime, tomato.

spicy tom yum soup

Tom Yum (hot & spicy soup)

Shallots, lemongrass, galangal root, lime, chili, and more.

Thai fried noodle chicken

Kuay Teaw Kua Gai (stir fried rice noodles with chicken)

Noodles, chicken, garlic, lettuce.

pad kra prow

Pad Kha Prow Gai (stir fried chicken with basil)

Chicken, garlic chilly, holy basil.

fried chicken in pineapple

Fried Rice Chicken in Pineapple

Chicken, pineapple, raisin, pumpkin seeds, cashew nuts, onion, garlic, spring onions.

Tom Kharr (chicken galangal soup)

Coconut milk, chicken, lemongrass, shallots, galangal root.

green curry

Green Curry

Coconut milk, chicken, eggplant, sweet basil.

Panang Curry (traditional Thai curry w/coconut milk)

Chicken, coconut milk, curry paste, kaffin lime leaf.

chicken garlic pepper

Gai Ka Tearm (chicken with garlic and black pepper)

Chicken, garlic, pepper, onion.

choo chee pla

Choo Chee Pla (king curry fish)

Coconut milk, fish, curry past and more.

Spring Roll

Rice paper wrap, glass noodle, mushroom, carrot, cabbage.

special requests

Special Orders

For our pro classes, we offer up items not pictured here.


Above images are finished dishes by students or the instructor. 

A Look at Carving & Arrangement Course

food carving flower buds
arrangements of ingredients