Frequently Asked Questions

Can I choose the dishes I want?

We have set menus for the week. But, we are flexible in the menus if you book 2 or more days in advance and are within a group of 2 or more. Contact us and we’ll discuss your options.

Are Sai Thai courses hands-on?

Yes, very much so. You will prepare and cook all of the dishes yourself under the guidance of the instructor.

How do I book a class?

Just visit our Sign Up page. Or, call 093 442 8223.

Is booking in advance required?

Yes. You must book 24 hours ahead. (Sorry, you cannot show up on the day of the class without first booking.)

Can my friend/partner come along to just watch or take photos?

Maybe. You would need to contact us in advance regarding this. If your partner is taking photos and stays clear of the immediate cooking area, then that may be permitted. However, if it is simply to watch, then no because we are limited in space size and it would not be very fair to other paying students. That said, your friend/partner is welcomed to book with you. (We’re sure he or she will have fun and find the experience worth the time and cost.)

How can I cancel my reservation?

By calling: 093 442 8223. Or, you can email us at:

What do I need to bring to the class?

Nothing, just your desire to learn Thai cooking.

Will we have a chance to eat at the class?

Absolutely! Once the course is over, we’ll eat everything up!

Where, exactly, is Sai Thai located?

We are off the main road in Klong Dao Beach: on a small, east-bound road, between Two Scoops Gelato Cafe and Cheeky Monkey Bar. (Look for our sign, or The Table sign, off of the road. Go about 40 meters east and we are on the right hand side of the road.) Click here for Google Map.

Are there vegetarian, pescatarian (seafood, but no meat) and vegan options?

Not specifically. However, the recipes we teach are versatile enough to be adapted to accommodate vegetarian, vegan and pescatarian diets. Just let us know in advance so that we can prepare some interesting options for you.

How large are your class sizes?

Between 2 and 8, depending on that session’s registration. However, we do offer private 1-on-1 courses.

What should I wear for my class?

We’re pretty casual here, but shirts are required. (No bikinis or shirtless dudes. Shorts are fine.)

Will I be able to re-create what we’ve learned at home where obtaining authentic Thai ingredients are difficult?

Yes, you will. For hard-to-find ingredients, we will recommend suitable substitutes.

Is transportation provided from my hotel/guesthouse to Sai Thai Cooking School?

At this time, no. Unless, however, you are coming as a larger group. Also, there is plenty of taxi services on Koh Lanta.

FAQ didn’t answer your question?

Simply contact us and we’ll promptly answer your questions.