About Sai Thai Cooking

Thai Cooking School on Koh Lanta, Krabi Province

Traditional Thai Cooking Classes for Restaurant Pros, at-home Food Enthusiasts…and You! On Koh Lanta, Krabi

Discover the joy of creating traditional Thai Food. Learn the secrets, tips and tricks which had been passing on through generations. Enjoy preparing Thai cusine through an experienced teacher in small class / group setting (of maximum 8 people).

Sandy Sawangnipun

Sandy Pornpat Sawangnipun, a native of Southern Thailand (Krabi area), grew up in a family that simply loved to cook: both mom and dad worked the kitchen deftly. It’s no wonder that this passion quickly spread to Sandy—which is evident when you spend time at Sai Thai Cooking School on Koh Lanta, in Krabi Province.

A Brief Story…

Learning to cook had always come naturally to Sandy. First with mom as mentor, when after school she would go straight home to be in the kitchen where her real future was being developed, then from influences outside of the home.

When the family traveled around the country, Sandy and her sister were always encouraged to try the local food: restaurant, home cooked, and street food vendors. And as soon as they returned to their house, they would replicate what they had tasted elsewhere.

This sort of quest for Thai food influences stayed with Sandy as she spent most of her life creating and introducing authentic traditional Thai food to others. If not at home for friends and family, or at the various restaurants she worked in between north and south Thailand, or the four years at her own cafe (Sandy’s) on Koh Lanta, it would be shared through teaching.

“Seeing people enjoying food that I’ve shared with them is my biggest joy. I always get a big smile out of it.”

Realizing that there were becoming too many requests by Sandy’s Cafe patrons to teach them how to make traditional Thai food cuisine, within her limited cafe environment, she decided to take her passion onto another level—thus focusing her teaching in a more formal setting. The result became @ Home Thai Cooking (recently re-named Sai Thai Cooking School).

Sandy feels quite at home in her cooking classes with all of her varied menus. She believes that you will too. You can see some of the recent classes in action in Class Images.